Ducks In The Pond
Social media, Online, 2018
In the project 2018 “Ducks In The Pond" , Hui Huang recorded the a group of ducks playing in a garden pond next to the Louvre in Paris. The artist used a film camera and a mobile phone. He renamed his Instagram account HUIHUANGLAB to Ducks Live Streaming and posted daily photos and videos of the ducks on it. Huang makes full use of the popular social media and online language such as the commonly used emoji elements, live streaming etc., in a playful way to engage in direct dialogue with the real society. The text of the pictures seems as easy jokes. In fact, they contain the artist's philosophical discussions of space and time. On the basis of using the advantages of the contemporary network, he combined with a black humor expression technique to complete the work. The various states of the picture appear to be a virtual scene but exist in the world.
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